Monday, January 25, 2010

KingCast Citibank Vikram Pandit cam part II: Don't feel sorry for this guy.

Pictured: Citi CEO Vikram Pandit, seated with other fat cats, Citi/Morgan Lewis lawyer Sam Shaulson and one of his reports:
Apart from taking home $1 million, which he obviously does not deserve, the only other noteworthy things Vikram Pandit did in 2008 was to fire 73,000 employees and the $50 million jet fiasco. Vikram Pandit seems to have done little else of significance so far.

This morning, Vikram Pandit also declared before Congress that he’d take a salary of $1 with no bonus until the company gets back into the black.

But do not shed any tears for Vikram because he joined Citi in April 2007 after selling his hedge fund Old Lane to Citi for over $800 million. After seeing mediocre returns from Old Lane, Citi shut down the fund in June 2008.

Here's my post on Vikrom Pandit and Citibank, the dirtiest money-laundering, student-deceiving, sweeps-account stealing, racial joke-telling scum-sucking rat pigs I have ever seen.

Back to trial; I look forward to putting the Citibank case on video too, they are stupid corporate ho-bags, toxic to the touch:

Friday, January 22, 2010

KingCast raw video presents: Dan Talbot murder trial 22 Jan. 2010 -- Jagerbombs and niggerbombs!

Another crazy case: Big racist white men with history of violence attack a black boy with bottles and Ronnie Barlow shoots a bully named Robert Lockwood. Self-defense did not work in that case but Barlow had a poor (read: virtually nonexistent) defense.

PREQUEL: Sergeant Evan Franklin was hammered and ran from a Bad Scene, once again.

NOTE: The Jagermeister testimony is coming later tonight. You should see the look on Officer Brazzese's face when she looks at the Margarita's check and it's like $130 for a handful of people. What irritates me is that I think 8 Jagermeister shots were ordered but nobody seems to remember doing any except her and Sergeant Franklin I believe admitted he did at least one. C'mon guys if you want the Jury to convict you have to start being honest because otherwise you're just wasting taxpayer monies. Plus you should be honest anyway, right.

Judge Brady listened intently as former LE and current Homeland Security contractor Joshua Buxbaum described the only clear word that he heard from his window at 1:30 am 29 September 2007 out behind the Revere High School where Dan Talbot lay dying:

"The word nigger was used."
Meanwhile Officer Stacy Brazzese admitted she and others were knocking back the Jagermeisters, in addition to whatever else everybody had that fateful night.
"Your group (of 5-6 I believe) ordered 29 different drinks at Margaritas"
said Attorney Krupp.

"And you never identified yourself or anyone else as a police officer, did you."

Lovely. So not only were they acting like thugs, they were making racist thug statements. As a former AAG I am saddened by the Death of Officer Talbot, but I'm bloody well pissed as well and I have every right to be. So does every American, with this type of activity and racism. Citibank is most definitely racist, but I didn't expect this out of other LE. Vids coming tonight and tomorrow.

After lunch the State called in Statey Brian J. Canavin to testify about class and individual microscopic traits that the state contends conclusively show that the two 9MM casings found furthest away from the bleachers were in fact from the Hi-Point model that was reassembled from the sewer. He identified reamer chatter, and the unique handmade nature of a Hi-Point that yields certain definitive characteristics of a Hi-Point 9MM including 9 lands and grooves with a left twist in the barrel and he claimed the bullet fragment (almost but not quite visible in Prosecutor Zabin's outstretched gloved hand to the jury) was reflective of such a barrel.

I will be uploading video where he notes that he was unable to reach any degree of certainty regarding the individual characteristics of the bullet fragment that caused the fatal wound to Officer Talbot. He could only say that the size/weight/mass were consistent with ammunition that could be fired from the Hi-Point. Also, he could not establish the approach angle of the bullet hole in Officer Soto's bumpah' (see the blue rod) because of too many variables including the flat tire, possible deflection of the projectile on entry, etc. etc. so they can't tell if Officer Talbot or Soto fired that .40 cal round.

He was a solid and quite likable witness and I told the State that at the close of testimony. Now it is up to Attorney Krupp to refute that science when testimony resumes on Monday. At this point it appears that the State is almost 1/3 of the way home:

The fatal bullet might be linked to the Hi-Point. Assuming arguendo that the Jury buys that, there is the rest of the journey: Second, the Hi-Point has to be in Robert Iacoviello's hands and third, he must possess the specific more accurately, requisite intent to commit murder. That's going to be quite the Journey; to prepare for the ride I'll pack lots of sushi in a cooler with some of grandma's pimento sandwiches!

PS: It's all about my parents and Mother Ann, to whom my life's work is dedicated. Gosh I can't believe how young I looked at my '93 law school graduation, LOL. The ravages of time, and of fighting The Man will take it out on you!!! Anyway thank you, love you, love you thank you for letting me have the Audacity of Hope to believe I could craft my own World, and that is happening right now in more ways than this. No further comment -- loose lips sink ships.

-Your Son.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hey Sam Shaulson and Citibank -- KingCast professionalism results in history being made: First blogger to video a murder trial.

KingCast_slams_Morgan_Lewis_Partner_Sam_Shaulson_on_professionalism I was professional before and I'm still professional now, dude. You get the level of professionalism from me that you have earned because of your lies and lack of professionalism ab initio.

-The KingCaster.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hey Sam Shaulson and Citibank, so much for your allegations of unprofessionalism: I'm the first Boston blogger to roll video at a murder trial, dude.

Note: As I was not able to run video yesterday, I have provided this video -- from another successful First Amendment Defense in State v. Doyle for explanation of what I'm all about: Zealously defending the First Amendment within the confines of an often overly-restrictive American Police State. I say this as a former AAG, I know of what I speak and I speak to it rather well, make no apologies whatsoever. KingCast: 21st Century Civil Rights.

Anyway, the winning Motion is set forth at bottom. Here's how the direct went, stay tuned for how the cross went later this evening. Hint: It wasn't too good for the State.

Also, State's witness Randy Fortado, a multiple felon who could have been sentenced to a total of more than 30 years for repeated drug dealings (heroin and cocaine) told a series of stories that directly channeled the writings of the Boston Herald, a newspaper that he admitted he "read every day." He claimed that Defendant Iacoviello, a man whom he'd never met, confessed that he shot Officer Talbot within 3 days of meeting him in the Big House. Of course he also said that the same Defendant told him he went behind the school to have a smoke, and that he was at the scene and then left and went home to get a gun and returned, which of course we all know did not happen.

His testimony was best summed up when he volunteered the obvious to Attorney Krupp:
"Are you inferring that I read the paper and made up a story?"

"That is exactly what I am inferring," said Krupp -- amidst laughter from the entire courtroom, except from the prosecutors. This guy was a complete tool and beyond rehabilitation, thus no redirect or anything, exit stage left.
William Soto and Officer Talbot grew up together – 5 houses apart – and they were army buddies who arranged their leaves together. He lost his best friend on 29 September, 2007. “I’ve known him since 6th grade,” said Soto.

Soto admitted it was that familiarity that led them to the bleachers on that fateful night of September 29, 2007.

“It was my idea,” he said. “Was it a place you used to hang out as kids?" asked Prosecutor Edward Krippendorf. “It was familiar,” said Soto, who said he drank no more than 6 beers at Margarita’s before heading across the street to the school yard, where he and Evan Franklin (since fired) and Officer Talbot each took 2 singles from the cooler and moved to the bleachers. A bit later, “30-40 minutes” all hell broke loose.

“First thing I heard was a Bloods MF Blood BK.” “He had a scruffy face with a fumanchu and shaggy hair…. Officer Talbot mentioned Blood Killer to him and he kept on walking, down the path, slow, with a gangster lean….toward the American Legion Highway.”
When he returned, Soto claimed that he was waiving his hands and “baited us toward him” indicating that he trailed Officer Talbot by about 6-8 feet as “Connie was pleading with him to stay.”

“Three short men wearing hooded sweatshirts came from behind the fence and fired at us....."

Officer Soto testified further that Officer Talbot had his gun out "after the flash" (of a shot). Was it the first time you saw him with his gun out? Yes.....Shots rang out, I fired back and Dan fell to the ground. I was firing down range.. I fired 2-3 times and took cover -- the nearest cover was the [trash] barrel.


"Your score at the range was significantly lower than the score of everybody else who went to the range that night wasn't it?" (Hard to tell here but I heard the numbers 26/50 as passing and I believe Soto was 17/50 but I'll need to check this). He asked about Jagermeister intake and whether anyone in the group ordered shots. The bill for the five was upwards of $130 with a few appetizers. There was a check for $29.40 + tip, which covered 3 corona lights, 3 Dos Equis and 1 Heineken at 9:06p. It was unclear to this observer who consumed those particular beverages. Contrary to direct testimony that they left at midnight, Soto had told the Grand Jury that the group left later..... "We do detail there and they are pretty strict, they close at 1:00 so we decided to leave a little before 1:00," quoted Krupp.

"It was late."
"Although it was late you weren't done drinking that night were you?"
"Any idea how those beer bottles get out onto the grass from your truck?"
"I have no idea."

Krupp speculated as to whether since-fired Sergeant Evan Franklin might have had another weapon with him after he secured his Glock 22 .40 Cal (all Revere Offcers carry the same gun) in Soto's truck. I have no idea whether or not he did, and for all I now Krupp has no clue either but it's a Good Question to ask.

"Did you have any pills that night?"
"Are you aware an empty bottle of hydrocodone was found in your truck?"
"It was an old prescription."

"On October first you were asked if the guy in red (Derek Lodie) said anything to you and you said no."
"You didn't mention anything about BK or killer or anything?"
"You heard somebody in your group say "he walks like a gangster, but you testified very differently in your direct examination didn't you?"
"So you took the bait?"
"Your intention was to find out who the person was, call in a unit and get him out of there, right?"
"But at no time did [any of you] say "we're a bunch of cops, move it along, kid."

"Your firearm was not obscured, and so somebody could have seen it? (I would have objected, totally. How does the witness know what somebody from the bushes could have een. Hell, it was dark out and the question was kind of vague, to boot).

"Today you said the kid with the red shirt was "in a line with the others" but on October 1, 2007 you told police the kid with the red shirt fired from the vicinity of the pole."
"After the first shot Talbot was still standing and you began to run for cover?"
"At the Grand Jury in 2007 you had it reversed. Do you recall saying first you took cover and then you started firing"
"No I do not."
"You took cover after you saw the muzzle flash."
"Yes I did."
"In 2007 you stated "The one that did the damage had a red shirt and black pants.... At no time did you say the shot came from the other three."
"Sir, I gave my best description."
"And your best description was that..."


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dear Senator Brown and Howie Carr: Please investigate Martha Coakley's Division of Banks railroading of Cat Gibbons. Now.

Dear Senator Brown:

We have mutual friends, some of whom helped you get elected. Their identities will remain between you and me, but you run my name past your people and you will see what I mean. I stopped short of endorsing you for Senator because I don't know you well enough. Here is the Cat Gibbons-Miracle Mortgage case for you to review, there is litigation at the MCAD and before the DOB. I managed a Title Insurance Company and closed +200 loans so I feel qualified to comment on this matter.

Martha Coakley and her promises and (in)actions I knew well enough to say "No."

I will not tolerate people coming to TOUCH FM at the last minute to look for black votes when they are in trouble. As a seasoned Civil Rights professional with top ranking from Masters in Criminal Justice Website, I can promise you that this issue will not go away until someone like you does the Right Thing. Now is your time to shine.

Peace and Good Luck in your new position as a Civil Rights leader -- the day after Martin Luther King Day -- to fill the shoes of Senator Ted Kennedy. I respect the fact that you did not grandstand during MLK day, and I will respect you more when you take action on this pending case.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

KingCast says "Hey Sam Shaulson, contrary to your implications, I know my way around a courtroom, dude."

Bada-Bing! For starters, Michael Isreal and Jerry Doyle.

I have been privileged in my legal career to successfully represent clients who faced unique first Amendment Challenges, and I have boxes of old video to share about it. In Michael Isreal's case I shared with the Jury the Civic Award-winning garden at his mother's house that was an alleged "high crime area" and in Jerry Doyle's trespassing case Officer Johnson knew I had defeated the State's case as soon as I made her admit that Jerry Doyle was not the only person in the building.

You've seen some shorter clips at, but there is much more where that came from.

PS: In point of fact, my blog was rated #1 by the Masters in Criminal Justice website in its review of the Top 50 Constitutional Law Blogs. Want a picture? It lasts longer my friend. Straight to MCAD with this one.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Masters in Criminal Justice says KingCast personal blog tops ACLU on list of Constitutional Law Blogs!

I am quite honored to come in at #1, above the ACLU. I have a decent relationship with various ACLU branches and that is only going to grow in the coming days, months and years. Here is what the site administrator wrote:
You don’t have to be a lawyer or involved in a civil suit to need to understand Constitutional Law. From protecting your civil liberties and fighting discrimination to learning more about election laws and government accountability, these blogs are great resources to help you become a more informed and responsible citizen.

Civil Liberties and Activism

Read up on how your civil rights are defended every day by the Constitution when you visit these blogs.

1. Chris King’s 1st Amendment Page: Here you can track criminal and other cases with Chris King, a New Hampshire blogger who reports with a tongue-in-cheek style.
2. ACLU Blog: Get updates on new measures, campaigns and issues that the American Civil Liberties Union is interested in.
That's the heart and soul of progressive Civil Rights, and it is as Red, White and Blue as Pabst Blue Ribbon!

Sincerely yours,
-The Watchdog.

Viva the First Amendment! Thanks guys, I really appreciate that -- this is so often a thankless pursuit :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Citibank finally releases Boston bank video showing Morgan Lewis partner Sam Shaulson to be a lying rat.

Funny, I called it months ago and most recently on 27 December 2009 when I told Morgan Lewis Partner Sam Shaulson to quit being so niggardly with the production of the Citibank video.

The salient points are these:

They did not show the part of the videos where JRT and I are sitting together in the lobby, just chilling out, waiting for Derrick.

Significantly, at no point in time do Carlo Caramanna and his co-worker appear concerned about any threat of physical violence whatsoever.
JRT walks out, I'm right behind her, and I tell Carlo what he is without breaking stride, and Mr. Gillenwater breaks stride for about 10-15 seconds to tell him to watch his back because we were going to sue them, and he too, walks out without incident. Mr. Gillenwater and I spoke about this the other day and he's definitely coming forward. At any rate, Carlo Caramanna and his co-worker casually lock the door and saunter back inside, at which point they made the bogus call to 911 to cover their tracks and try to make us out to be threatening.

That my friends, is why they don't want the video circulating.

The Affidavit as to specific facts I will post after I make some dinner (ginger sea scallops, baby bok choy, auricularia, pan-fried spicy noodles and, ummmmm..... eggplant -- how appropriate!).

Sunday, January 10, 2010

KingCast to finally review Citibank video of allegedly inappropriate activity such that the bank had an excuse not to open a checking account for me.

Update: I saw it, and it proves Carlo Caramanna was the Decision Maker and it shows him making that first phone call to 911 that they are trying to get us to forget about. New post coming later this evening.

I'll view it tomorrow at MCAD, 3:00pm. after months of dilatory delay occasioned by Citibank and their counsel. No, it won't be anything as spectacular as this wacky robbery but there should be four panels and no cuts. And it should most definitely show that the Decision maker who approached me -- bank manager Carlo Caramanna -- was not (and still is not) black. I'll update the blog later today, the Revere/Dan Talbot/Robert Iacoviello Jr. murder trial is next door so I'll be busy all day. It's good to stay busy even though government and big business dupes hate it :)

That makes Morgan Lewis Partner Sam Shaulson a liar. But then that would be nothing new to Citibank, well-respected finance writer Dan Dorfman has been hip to their bullshit forever, Enron, Ohio, California, Mexico, Russia and some of the others here are nothing new -- Dorfman says they were cooking books back in 1975.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

KingCast says U.S. mortgage crisis has everybody devalued or upside down.

I told you in this Vikram Pandit post that the U.S. Government refused to sell stock shares because they were upside down.

But let's provide another illustrative example at p. 11:

Say you purchased a home in Provincetown, MA for $625,000 in 2004. That property is today worth only $552,400. It's enough to make anybody mad, but no matter how bunched up your panties are, you must maintain your professionalism with the public at all times.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

KingCast introduces a new friend: Cancer survivor Jeanne Sather from "The Assertive Cancer Patient." They canceled her loan without cause.

Hey Citibank, Morgan Lewis and Attorney Sam Shaulson:

Read it and weep, guys, just as I called Citibank a bunch of misogynist pigs the other day relative to the uterine cancer victim and her estate, and sure enough Jeanne Sather claims that Citibank unlawfully terminated her HELOC (equity long) because she had cancer.

She paid on time and they did it anyway, read the comments for her first letter to the FTC. I'm going to send the FTC some information as well, and I'm going to dedicate the next part of my life to assembling people like these employees who have valid complaints about Citibank and Morgan Lewis and putting them into one clearing house,

Ms. Sather: You GO Girl!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Citibank employees follow KingCast-Citibank is racist blog and report their own observations of corporate racism and bigotry.

As far as unrealistic goals and corporate beat downs, Citibank employs the same modus operandi as Morgan Lewis, as noted in the "No Hire Factory" Scrooge post.

Read more about Citibank employment practices in the "Look What the Cat Dragged in" post, and here's yet more, going straight to MCAD tomorrow morning yah. And don't forget the racist jokes Citibank used to tell, they cleaned things up a bit but you know you can only dress up a tawdry lil' ho but so much, and the stink still permeates regardless of how much Chanel you splash on it.
I think that a real clearing house for complaints to Citibank is great idea.
I know a few employees who have been recently discriminated against and fired. When the start of the mortgage crisis began, Citi implemented a plan to get rid of the bankers.

They tripled their goals (in accordance to individual salary) making it unrealistic for anyone to meet them. Then made them sign an agreement that if they do not meet the goals after for or around three months in two quarters, they would be fired. It's a legit way of letting someone go but the discriminatory part about it is that they have been picking and choosing who to fire as a result.

The majority of bankers cannot not meet their goals three months in a row but only the ones they actually want to fire actually get the boot. It should be a set process that applies to everyone. They actually have every banker's numbers published on the intranet so if they were smart than they would have printed out all banker in the entire region's results so they have physical proof to point out to management at the time they are getting the pink slip. This would prove there is blatant discrimination... I'm sure after they meet their quota they will lower the goals back down. ...Of course it wasn't just the banker. They completely slashed branch operations in half eliminating employees of up to 30 years. It was a really sad time.

I don't have a problem with you using any of this or the previous information, I think it is great that it can be put out there for people to see what kind of scum Citigroup is made of.

"....[S]ure thing. I will let them know. I know of [several] women from my area that were all let go on [in the] same _______. One I talk to all the time. I'll see about getting in contact with the others.

KingCast: I give the haters just enough to draw them into my lair, with their tangled webs of deception.

Hillbilly version: "Give 'em enough rope....."

Indian version: Vikram Pandit says "To hell with these guys, I got used like a Chaiwallah!"


KingCast says Seeking Alpha readers are hip to Citibank money-laundering, corruption and nonsense, they follow my blogs.

Yah, this morning alone, by 7:50 a.m., 96 hits have come in on Citibankisracist blog, most of them from the Seeking Alpha story, "Citibank: A Triple Dose of Trouble." I'm sure more will follow now that I have also posted on Alpha's story "Looking at Citibank Another Way."

Tuesday 5th January 2010 96

Now you know what's funny? Speaking of Alpha, I'll have to find and scan one of my business cards, but I opened Alpha Title Company for a company that will remain nameless at this point, but I saw how dirty the mortgage business was as a licensed Title Insurance Producer: It wasn't that we abused Stated Income Loans or anything, nor did we deal in subprime ripoffs, but when they got ready to bring in their favored gal to run the operation they squeezed me out without my bonus, double-booked me for closings so they could say I wasn't present on time, and forged my name to a mortgage and faxed it off for funding, which is of course WIRE FRAUD. Look at the documents. New Hampshire AG Kelly Ayotte - a big business dupe in her own right - did nothing about it.

Anyway, back to Citibank, Wowzers. I'm glad people are reading my Constitutionally-protected comments and opnions and statements of fact about Citibank. They are the penultimate example of a design, pattern and practice of corporate deception, a Corporate ne're do well foisting its malfeasance unto the shoulders of the American (and World) Public. We are dealing with the lowest of the low. MCAD will have to fumigate the hallways when these guys walk in, what a bunch of corporate scum-sucking rats.

Monday, January 4, 2010

KingCast says, well look what the cat dragged in: A Citibank employee discrimination case and the Citibank video to MCAD.

Update: For the employee discrimination email summary read the comments.

It was like a Quest for the Holy Grail, as noted. I hope I get a chance to review and narrate it for MCAD officials tomorrow!

You can tell they didn't want to produce it, at one point even begging MCAD not to let me even see it because I had my opportunity to describe the events:
"First, there is no reason for Mr. King to be provided with a copy of the video of his March 24, 2009 visit to the Citibank South End Branch. Mr. King was there at the branch and has already reported his version of the events, including going to the branch with case law in hand to argue Mr. Gillenwater's case.... to the extent that MCAD believes that Mr. King has some need to view the video...."

Sorry Sam but you're damn right I have a need to view the video and MCAD wants me to view the video with them. Your position was baseless and MCAD saw right through it. I did have case law in hand because your client had already reneged on its specific promise to cash Mr. Gillenwater's check, yet you now claim you don't have those videos even though my lawyer and I specifically warned you and your client about evidence spoliation. Wait until Mr. Gillenwater goes to MCAD next, hahaha..... You just don't want to show the part where Carlo Caramanna walks up to me as the Decision Maker and denies me the right to open an account because you lied and said the Decision Maker was the black teller, even though she doesn't have the authority to address escalated issues as noted in your own Branch Manager Position Description.

That's my friend Oliver's cat taking care of a local mouse, or a smaller rat than Citibank. Oliver is the NH lobbyist (and Liko Kenney's friend) who introduced me to the Franconia shooting tragedy, now the subject of Casey Sherman's "Bad Blood Freedom and Death in the White Mountains." We are in the KingCast Franconia 5/11 video, asking Governor Lynch and Kelly Ayotte's people when, if ever, they were going to conduct a community fact-finding mission. The answer was of course never. Here we are at the book launch.

You newbies remember that I sustained Findings of Fact and Law that former NH AG Kelly Ayotte acted illegally.

Friday, January 1, 2010

KingCast, Depeche Mode and The Staple Singers ask Morgan Lewis Partner Sam Shaulson: "Why can't we have a beer summit?"

Dear Attorney Shaulson: Months before you decided to take this case well beyond the issues at hand, I had offered to take the Citibank local Veep (or CEO Vikram Pandit) for lunch at the top of the Hub.

That offer still stands, and if those accommodations are not swank enough, you name it, I'll buy it my friend. But thus far you all have disrespected me on that, so then – and only then -- did I choose to get ugly with you, calling your client out on stealing money from uterine cancer and other death victims..... it makes me want to ask why it is that you and I should get along so awfully..... At any rate I will remind the MCAD of my offer at 9:00 a.m. Monday, 4 January 2010.

From my perspective you have lied about many things in this case – including the fact that the Decision Maker was not black and that Citibank personnel flipped me the bird and called me a motherfucker, and I have lied about NOTHING. I will take a polygraph and issue an Affidavit, will you and your client do the same? I mean really, do you honestly want to go to a Jury on any of these issues? I doubt it, but if you want to go there as the Staple Singers would say, I will indeed take you there, Let's Do It Again.

Sam: Listen to the Depeche Mode chorus at 2:49 it's just badass, isn't it?

I can't understand... what makes a man... hate another man... Help me understand..... ...I can't understand.... what makes a man.... why should it be..... I can't understand.... hate another man.... I can't understand....

It’s a New Year, Sir. Can we get beyond this before I publicly narrate the video that you keep promising to provide to MCAD?

Christopher King, J.D.

KingCast says misogynist pigs at Citibank will even take from women with uterine cancer.

Unfortunately, I interrupt my champagne drinking to bring you the following sad tale of misogyny told by Citibank:

It's simply unbelievable. I don't know if Zeichner Ellman & Krause or Morgan, Lewis Partner Sam Shaulson was around when this was going down, or whether they are misogynist per se, but it wouldn't surprise me given Sam Shaulson's penchant for lying in my Civil Rights racism case before the MCAD.

See, we all know Citibank likes to steal from its customers, they lied to Ohio State Students, California AG Brown caught them in flagrante delicto with $14M from poor, deceased customers and continuing with that theme they ganked the estate of Janina Tobolka (who had hip replacement and uterine cancer for Christ's sake) and Marie Olko for $127K until she busted them in NY Court of Appeals for $300K in 2005 hahahaaaa....