Thursday, July 30, 2009

Derrick Gillenwater says "I trust that Professor Ogletree and President Obama will recognize my case even though I'm not a Harvard Profesor."

I spoke with Mr. Gillenwater (pictured, l. with Boston Mayoral Candidate Kevin McCrea) last night. He knows I have contacted Professor Ogletree this week, just as he has in the past. Right now he is busy in studio and cannot divert his attention from that, and he is securing contracts, has his primary sound man/co-producer in from California and all of that.

But he still believes that Professor Ogletree and other black leaders will stand up and do the right thing, as it was largely white people -- including the ACLU -- who helped him fight the outright unlawful issues in his legal malpractice case, in which all of his Fundamental and First Amendment Rights were stripped away by the Defendants and the Courts. This of course after the Boston Police violated his Fourth Amendment Rights and planted evidence on him in the evidence room. This is all FACT.

"Tell them to call me or shoot me an email, and I will respond. They have everything they need to have in order to see what happened and what is wrong. They should be ordering the 911 call in the bank case and helping to lead an investigation into that."

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Barack Obama tries to quell rising Gates furor, but what of racist Citibank’s treatment of Derrick Gillenwater and others?

Update: Rut-ro, it seems that the cop lied about talking with the complainant, who also says she never mentioned anything about "black men" when she called 911. We're going to get the 911 audio on the Citibank phone call too, in addition to the audio/visual materials from the South End and Chinatown branches that will show what a bunch of liars these people really are.

Here is the Boston Globe feature on President Barack Obama's efforts to quell the ongoing issues pertaining to Professor Gates' wrongful arrest, in my opinion, in which Gates was wrong initially not to provide his identification and the officer was wrong to subsequently arrest him after he did provide the requisite identification.

The President is going to have a beer with Officer Crowley, well Derrick Gillenwater and I want to have a beer with Charles Ogletree and the President of Citibank, Northeast.

Derrick Gillenwater, however, was not wrong at any point in time in his trials and tribulations, but he got all of his vital First Amendment and other Procedural and Substantive Due Process rights taken away recently, and received disparate treatment at the hands of Citibank -- the same bank Barack Obama sued for racial discrimination on prior occasion when he was a "smart, innovate and relentless" Civil Rights Attorney.

See generally and the Harvard Law School's Citizen Media Project.

Unlike Charles Ogletree or Henry Louis Gates, Derrick Gillenwater is not a Professor of Law or African studies at Harvard, but he is a professor of music in the school of hard knocks.

He’s ambitious, hard-working and talented, and helped raise a daughter celebrated at the U.S. Moakely District Courthouse for her philanthropic contributions in the World of medicine. I should know; I was there to see it last March, and that information is online, I have my Medical Foundation coffee mugs and whatnot.

But Derrick Gillenwater’s underlying case(wrongful Fourth Amendment search and entry/fabrication of evidence/ineffective assistance of counsel/legal malpractice case against high-powered lawyers with Harvard connections with attendant vitiation of all First Amendment and Procedural and substantive Rights in his court case/Related ACLU/Proskauer-Rose High Court filings) languished after he brought it to Professor Ogletree’s concern. It took Boston Bob to make his plight visible on blogs to get him a modicum of Justice and a somewhat reasonable settlement.

And Mr. Gillenwater’s subsequent issues and pending filing against Citibank – sued for racial discrimination on prior occasion by President Barack Obama no less – have caught no ear with Professor Ogletree or President Obama in spite of the fact that information has been sent in their direction and in fact Mr. Gillenwater personally approached Mr. Ogletree during his underlying case. Councilor Chuck Turner helped out, as did Attorney James Dilday in getting the initial Court Order holding that Gillenwater was a victim of Ineffective Assistance of Counsel. However, President Obama and Professor Ogletree and Professor Gates should be vigorously investigating right now how it came to pass that:

a) The bank refused to cash Derrick Gillenwater’s check despite the fact that he was a holder in due course with full and proper identification as previously agreed upon by the Chinatown branch manager;

b) The bank refused to allow his black male friend to open an account for deposit of said check, while allowing his white girlfriend the same privilege.

c) The bank threatened to arrest said black male friend after he showed the bank manager a printout regarding Your Style v. Midtown Bank of Chicago, 501 N.E. 2nd 805 (1986). The bank of course tried to say that the black male friend was a threatening and dangerous black man, same old same old.

Meanwhile Citibank, by and through a lying attorney Benjamim Velella, flaunts a bank video in our faces while refusing to release it under an agreed-upon protective order. We will file our MCAD complaint and get that video, which of course should be maintained as we have already warned the bank about spoliation of evidence.

At the suggestion of someone who does bank consulting and advertising, we are personally inviting the regional bank manager to lunch at the top of the Pru to talk about this before we dig our heels in because the President needs to be aware of what really happened at these branches, and of the fact that his corporate attorney is a liar who will leave the bank subject to public scorn and ridicule when we are finished.

Professor Charles Ogletree, hand delivery.
Professor Henry Louis Gates, hand delivery.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Here's an interesting email from my lawyer to Attorney Benjamin Velella, another lying jackass racist pig. This will be fun, we'll be filing soon.

Dear Attorney Velella:

Perhaps I have not made myself clear to you:

You raised the issue of the video and you and your client will live by it or die by it.

Also, you lied in your letter, counselor. The police were called well before my clients reached the doorway. Your clients called the police just after my clients presented a printout on wrongful dishonor of a check at the cashier's window. And Mr. King did not use any foul language at that point, he did not do so until he left the building, wherupon he will freely admit that he called Carlo Caramanna a "Motherfucker." Of course all of that will be clear on the videos that you so proudly trumpeted in your letter. Let me quote you again so there's no mistake counselor:

"Please be advised that we do have video from the South End Branch from March 24 that captures interaction between staff and your clients and have also taken statements from the affected employees."

Sir, I couldn't care less about the self-serving employee statements. The proof is in the video from that day and all other days that you have maintained and that the court will compel you and your client to produce.

Meanwhile regarding Mr. Gillenwater's claims, I am hereby alerting attorney Michael Cunningham that he too, will be a named Defendant given the allegations you made at page three of the attached letter "Citibank Response 1," in which you claim that he would not grant authorization for the bank to cash the check, given that's not what Attorney Cunningham represented to Mr. Gillenwater.

Lastly, you may want to seriously consider your ethical obligations regarding the statement you wrote to me about the nature, timing and sequence of the call to the police. You have an ethical responsibility not to mis-report known facts to the tribunal and to your brethren. You also have an ethical responsibility not to threaten actions of harassment for my clients' exercise of their First Amendment Rights on any blog, website or in person near your bank branches unless you intend to seek redress for such activity. In the event that you do, you will be met with substantial resistence and the underlying facts of all of this case will emerge.

But of course you're not concerned about that. Because you have everything on video.

Now I have made myself clear and we will see you in court.


John N. Moore, Esq.