Thursday, July 30, 2009

Derrick Gillenwater says "I trust that Professor Ogletree and President Obama will recognize my case even though I'm not a Harvard Profesor."

I spoke with Mr. Gillenwater (pictured, l. with Boston Mayoral Candidate Kevin McCrea) last night. He knows I have contacted Professor Ogletree this week, just as he has in the past. Right now he is busy in studio and cannot divert his attention from that, and he is securing contracts, has his primary sound man/co-producer in from California and all of that.

But he still believes that Professor Ogletree and other black leaders will stand up and do the right thing, as it was largely white people -- including the ACLU -- who helped him fight the outright unlawful issues in his legal malpractice case, in which all of his Fundamental and First Amendment Rights were stripped away by the Defendants and the Courts. This of course after the Boston Police violated his Fourth Amendment Rights and planted evidence on him in the evidence room. This is all FACT.

"Tell them to call me or shoot me an email, and I will respond. They have everything they need to have in order to see what happened and what is wrong. They should be ordering the 911 call in the bank case and helping to lead an investigation into that."

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