Thursday, June 25, 2009

Citibank lawyer says "we have video." Good. We want that video and audio from March 17 & March 24 including racist scumbag Carlo Caramanna's actions.

There was some "issue" about how I allegedly became abusive and used foul language after the scumbag racist pigs at Citibank refused to cash Mr. Gillenwater's check and refused to open an account for me, even after they had allowed my Caucasian girlfriend to open one.

Attorney Vellela has it all wrong, however, in a letter to our lawyer talking about Derrick Gillenwater's girlfriend, so he's a clueless liar. Furthermore, I was never profane until AFTER that scumbag racist pig Carlo Caramanna threatened to have me arrested after I showed him relevant law on wrongful dishonor of a check.

If you think "scumbag racist pig" is actionable, then bring your lawsuit and motion for restraining order and see how far you get Attorney Vellela. Those are matters of my opinion and I will express them every day if I like.

I like.
Meanwhile I have instructed our lawyer to request the bank audio and video of March 17 and March 24 from both branches under protective order because the proof is in the video: None of the three of us present acted in any disrespectful or threatening manner whatsoever. We sat and waited patiently and presented relevant law and ALL OF THAT WILL BE SHOWN ON THE VIDEO.

Note: Citibank claims that the law firm of Wilson Elser refused to grant clearance to cash the check. They too, will be a named Defendant and we'll let the fingers start pointing back and forth.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Citibank says "sue us."

We heard back from our lawyer. Citibank has dared us to sue them.

That's fine with me.

Make my day.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Dear Attorney Velella: We didn't forget about you and Citibank's racist, classist policy.

Dear Attorney Velella: We're just busy settling another case in which another short-sighted company thought they could practice racist policies without consequence.

We'll be in touch in short order.

All the best,


Monday, June 1, 2009

Citibank plays hardball but cannot explain why they refused to open a bank account for a black man and threaten his arrest.

Got this update from Mr. Gillenwater just now:

Attorney Velella:

The lawyer that contacted the bank was not my attorney but was rather the attorney for the Defendant in the legal malpractice cases.

It seems that your information is somewhat shaky on that, and if it is shaky on that it is just as likely to be shaky in your belief that your employees didn't do anything wrong.

I do now have an attorney drafting a letter to you and we will see what the video and audio tells us as we move toward the MCAD and court.

I can't wait to see how you rationalize refusing to open an account for my friend, among other things, considering you opened an account for his Cuacasian girlfriend.

Like I said, see you in court.

-Derrick Gillenwater

--- On Sun, 5/31/09, Velella, Benjamin D wrote:

From: Velella, Benjamin D
Subject: Re: Gillenwater et al v. Citibank
To: "''"
Date: Sunday, May 31, 2009, 3:46 PM

Mr. Gillenwater:
As you know, I did call you back in response to your first message although that was before I knew that you were a claimant who had already had a lawyer contact bank officials on his behal--a contact that took place before your first call to me. If you are represented by counsel, it is inappropriate for me--as Citibank's attorney--to interact with you directly.

If your attorney is writing a letter on your behalf, that letter will be responded to after receipt..

In closing, I will tell you that Citibank's position regarding the matter that prompted you to contact me is markedly different than yours and that it is our firmly held position that no duty of any kind owed to you was breached. The details in support of that position will be provided to your counsel.

Benjamin Velella
VP and Senior Counsel
Citibank, N.A.