Monday, November 30, 2009

KingCast draws First Blood against Sam Shaulson and Citibank with Motion to Compel in racial discrimination case.

After weeks of Sam Shaulson, Morgan Lewis and Citibank playing games with video that they tried to "threaten" my lawyer with, I wrote a Motion to Compel and they said they would forward the video to MCAD "immediately." They don't want me to post any parts of it on YouTube because it will show they were lying about my behavior at the bank. I will not show any customers or any Citibank personnel excepting Carlo Caramanna, and if necessary I will hire a lip reader if we can see him talking, that will firmly establish they lied when they said the Decision Maker was black. That's ridiculous because the purported Decision Maker was only a teller, I know her personally. She would have opened an account for me and that's why there's no written statement from her.

Sam Shaulson, Morgan Lewis and Citibank will now face a Motion for Sanctions for Spoliation of Evidence based on clearly applicable Law. From the Motion I hand delivered to MCAD and FEDEX'd to Sam Shaulson, Morgan Lewis and Citibank.
From the Motion:

Despite clear and repeated warnings, Citibank has allowed for the spoliation of crucial video that would show my behavior at the bank to be exemplary and would show that they knew exactly who JRT is: In those videos one can see her get the paperwork and sit in the offices in order to open an account!

See MacLellan v. Shaw's Supermarket, Inc., 24 Mass. L. Rep. 317 (2008)
Plaintiffs filed a motion for sanctions against the supermarket for spoliation of evidence, alleging a failure to preserve a scissor lift, destruction of a surveillance video, improper documentation of the incident, and inadequate maintenance records……..

The same was true of the video tape. The court noted that the video which might have shown the sequence of events that resulted in the alleged injury was material and relevant evidence.


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Judge Groff and KingCast: Senate hopeful Kelly Ayotte can't even follow the Rules of Civil Procedure.

And her bogus case against me was dismissed.

Read Kelly Ayotte's True Legacy here:
Boo. Yah.

I know, I know, Bill Christy would say I'm just picking on a white woman blah blah blah.... but really his beef is with Judge Groff.

Or perhaps he's "got beef" with Ditmar Kopf, you know, the same way the Topix trolls say I allegedly don't have a descended scrotal sack, am a cross-dresser, a eunuch, a nigger, a motherfucker, and whatever else these short-minded people can "think" of. It's truly a shame but perhaps one day they will cross (and stay on) the path of Enlightenment.

She also lost $110M on the Tuttle/JUA Insurance cases.
09-E-148 & 09-E-151


KingCast says Citibank is wrong to make Senate hopeful Kelly Ayotte their hero; she's malfeasance on wheels!

And you know what else?

The more Citibank fights this the more I get to expose what REALLY happened in NH to the MCAD office of lawyers, with Citibank hero Kelly Ayotte showing her true malfeasance.

She lost $110M on the Tuttle/JUA Insurance cases.
09-E-148 & 09-E-151

Here's her Right-to-Know Ethics violations; she never even saw to it that a 2006 Annual Report was issued, just the facts.

She violated Rules of Civil Procedure in her case against me, which was DISMISSED.

She ignored my Ethics complaint when someone forged a mortgage with my name on it as Title Insurance Producer.

Remember the Unconstitutional juvenile DNA reporting that got rescinded last year after the ACLU busted on her? I was the first to report that, BTW because the boy's father wrote me on it.

And remember Vericomm/MBF Leasing scam that many Attorney Generals were fighting? The Class Action FRAUD case in New York continues watch the video and read the Decision in Pludeman v. Northern Leasing Systems, 2008 NY Slip Op 04183 (2008). The class was certified on 24 April 2009, 2009 NY Slip Op 51290U read the comments. But Kelly Ayotte ignored my complaint on that, of course. It wouldn't surprise me if Sam Shaulson worked on the defense of those crooks too, it's right in his backyard!

Read Senate hopeful Kelly Ayotte's true legacy here.

Franconia, Liko Kenney
Nashua, Michael Paulhus
Nashua, Christopher King
Jaffrey, Aaron Deboisbriand
Dalton, Diane Lyon
Hooksett, Gerard Beloin
Statewide: Carey Carlberg/Trooper's mediation
Statewide: Same-sex marriage
National, Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood (imploded on remand and Judge Di Clerico awarded attorney fees a coupla' weeks ago hahahahaha they kept that out of most major press but KingCast don't play that).
Lisbon, names and circumstances withheld at present

Old School: The Dow Murders, which I asked Kelly to reinvestigate. The cop totally killed his family, I am friends with his subsequent fiancee and boy did she scatter when she figured it out.

cc: MCAD

Friday, November 27, 2009

Ditmar Kopf helps KingCast show how Sam Shaulson, Esq. and Citibank are lying about Exhibit C.

Through vigorous discourse consonant with the First Amendment that our so-called Founding Fathers envisioned, Ditmar Kopf brought about a small epiphany that shows how deceitful Citibank really is.

Therefore I'll be amending my Reply Memoranda to note that not only can one read the name one the back of the canceled check, banks scan images as a virtual signature; that's how they check signatures. Therefore the bank is fully aware that they opened a bank account for "JRT" and Attorney Shaulson should be summarily sanctioned for yet another deceitful and dilatory (in)action.

This in addition to the fact that they could have checked their own records for the day date and time in question and sorted that out in minutes.

Query, what if we really were dangerous people or terrorists, does Respondent hold the position that they would not be able to provide any information about the identity of "JRT" and whether they opened an account for her?

Citibank's position is 100% Sanctionable.
As for Ditmar he has shown signs of intelligence, listen to him in the KingCast YouTube video when he says
"Seems to me the State wanted to close the chapter on this and declare the officer and Mr. Floyd as heroes and try to paint Liko as some sort of serial killer. I don't feel protected by the Police, I feel intimidated by the Police."

KingCast replies to Sam Shaulson and Citibank on Motion to Compel and Motion to Strike.

Complainant's Reply Memorandum on my Motion to Compel:
The Documents are combined in one here at wepaper, I will embed later.

Despite clear and repeated warnings, Citibank has allowed for the spoliation of crucial video that would show my behavior at the bank to be exemplary and would show that they knew exactly who JRT is: In those videos one can see her get the paperwork and sit in the offices in order to open an account!

See MacLellan v. Shaw's Supermarket, Inc., 24 Mass. L. Rep. 317 (2008)

Plaintiffs filed a motion for sanctions against the supermarket for spoliation of evidence, alleging a failure to preserve a scissor lift, destruction of a surveillance video, improper documentation of the incident, and inadequate maintenance records……..

The same was true of the video tape. The court noted that the video which might have shown the sequence of events that resulted in the alleged injury was material and relevant evidence.

Despite clear and continual warnings to maintain video from all visits to the bank – including the time when their staff called me a “motherfucker” and extended their index fingers -- Citibank’s niggardly response is now to provide Respondent claims that I am “playing games” with the legal system for not providing them the full name of my girlfriend, the allegedly “unidentified woman” for whom Citibank most definitely opened a bank account. That is ludicrous as I provided her initials, and Citibank knows when she was at the bank (with Derrick Gillenwater and me) and it is a simple matter for them to see that they did indeed open a bank account for her.

From the Reply Memorandum on my Motion to Strike.

"...All grievances were DISMISSED. Even more interesting is that the Columbus Bar Association seems to be giving the Respondent more information than they gave me: When I asked for the information and disposition of anonymous complaints that came in from New Hampshire they refused to tell me who it was, only now I come to find out that the Columbus Bar Association freely shared that information with Respondent.

I never got the identity of the accusers that the Bar Association provided to Respondent at will. Fascinating. See Attachment 1.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

KingCast says Sam Shaulson blog is moving up on the Google hits!

Take a look. Not much he or anybody else is going to do about it, either because I know my First Amendment Law and the Fair Use Doctrine. I know my Civil Rights Law as well.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So Citibank I'm so dangerous and threatening that I conduct Criminal Justice seminars with the police!

YouTube video upload problem. I will have to shoot the video again with it playing on the laptop, will get to it tonight. I give a tutorial of this new video, using actual crime scene photos that show Kelly Ayotte's lies and coverups.

"Casey Sherman was riding a fine line to get that book published," was the first comment out of one student's mouth this morning, a feeling that was echoed by several in attendance at today's KingCast discussion on the Franconia shooting tragedy and Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains

"I know and that's why retired Franconia and Sugar Hill LE Brad Whipple was not interviewed in Casey's book because he would have ripped Franconia a new one for its years of abuse and willful ignorance (benevolent despotism) of Bruce McKay's transgressions."

"What would have happened if Liko Kenney had not shot Bruce McKay,"
wondered my host and visiting Lecturer, Randolph Lieutenant George McNeil. "I mean, unless he planned on throwing that dash cam film away he just committed career suicide, look at all of the violations and the Fourth Amendment Unlawful Seizure issues his actions raised...."

Anyway things worked out so well the I'm invited back on behalf of KingCast and TOUCH 106.1 FM to present to a class on ethics. The Professor of that class is working her thesis on hate crimes, so we will be discussing the Jason Vassell case, in which the High Court Single Justice ordered Prosecutor Scheibel to hand over five (5) years of allegedly racist prosecution files at UMASS Amherst.

What happened to the Scribd Accounts?

We all know Bill Christy, he's the guy who wrote "Try Gregory Floyd for Murder" to which I actively contributed, as one can see in this post. He's also the one who publicly said "I would have shot Bruce McKay as well," as noted in this post. He also argued that Floyd was in violation of 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1), now he says he isn't. And we know that he calls blacks he doesn't like "Niggers" and incessantly follows me around, and has been posting most of my SSN number that he found on an obscure document that I accidentally posted 3 years ago because he can't stand the fact that I exposed his Janus-faced nature.

Well yesterday I get wind of the fact that he lied and told that he was the sole author of the material and that I was in DCMA copyright violation. thus removed "Try Gregory Floyd for Murder" and my entire account, on a first strike. Not knowing what the heck happened, I posted it back up in another of my accounts, then once told me what happened I apologized and sent them the proof that I had editorial and content input and they initially told me I should write a counter-affidavit, which I said I would do.

As all of my public documents, with thousands and thousands of reads on them were on, I wrote them back when they initially told me I could write a counter-affidavit. They were quite rude and Mr. Bently lied, telling me there was a "zero tolerance" policy on Copyright, but that's not true, read their own website here and here:
"DMCA copyright infringement takedown notification policy

Submitted Feb 13 by Jason Bentley

It is our policy to respond to clear, legally valid notices of alleged copyright infringement that comply with the criteria established by Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA") of 1998. In addition, we terminate without notice the accounts of users that we determine are repeat infringers based on a "three-strikes" policy."

"As an Internet service provider, Scribd must comply with the terms of the DMCA that require us to terminate the accounts of users determined to be "repeat infringers.""

Swift action for policy offenders: On every document upload page, there is a prominent warning message and mandatory check box displayed to help ensure that people understand and comply with Scribd’s Terms of Service. Repeat copyright infringers are banned from Scribd."

But this is at most two strikes, and the second violation (on the same case) came before I received notification from Scribd that I was allegedly in violation, but nonetheless they have removed my ability to file a counter-affidavit. So now I have to sue these guys -- who will not tell me the name of their corporate counsel -- naturally. I'll be down at the ACLU tomorrow, the same ACLU who wrote the Mass SJC briefs for Derrick Gillenwater after I sent him over there as Boston Bob.

Moral of the story: Always keep your emails, never trust Bill Christy -- he's a slippery, slimy sort of LE, kind of like what the folks at MASSCOPS called Marty Dunn: A slime bag.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rule 3.3 Ethics Complaint against New York Attorney Sam S. Shaulson.

Rule_3.3_Ethics_Complaint_on_Sam_Shaulson He brought the bullshit, I'll bring the pain. But hey, it's not so bad, no doubt he will bill his clients for the time it takes to respond.

Sam Shaulson has the look of a liar because he is a liar in defending racist pigs at Boston Citibank.

I wonder if the other Partners at Morgan Lewis & Bocklus condone the sort of lies that have led me to file the Motion to Compel the relevant Video and Audio that his scumbag client threatened my lawyer with. He-heh, now that Attorney Shaulson knows that the first Citibank lawyer (Benjamin Velella) was just blowing smoke, Shaulson doesn't even address the damning video and audio that will show his client to be an absolute liar. The Motion to Compel will flush it out, and flush out all of his crap at the same time.

Read the Sam Shaulson Morgan Lewis blog for the full story on this clown, thinking he can throw his big bad corporate law firm weight around to intimidate me or to fool the folks at MCAD.

Landmark screens wasn't fooled either, they sued Morgan Lewis for legal malpractice. You can read the Complaint at Wall Street Journal Law Blog.

It's not going to work here, either buddy. Moreover I'm going to file an ethics complaint on you relative to your willful misrepresentations that the decision maker was black and that your client has no idea who the "unidentified woman" was, considering her name is on your own Exhibit C that you filed with MCAD. Now I understand why Landmark sued you for Fraudulent Concealment at 2009 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 102579.

And JP Morgan Chase brokers smoked Attorney Shaulson too.

Anyway, of course mediation is always an option.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

KingCast files a Motion to Compel Video, Audio and "Unidentified Woman" info.

Dear Attorney Shaulson:

Don't believe everything you read about my background when the government claimed I didn't know how to practice law, or that I was involved in criminal activity. I wasn't but to me you and your client's lies are most definitely criminal. I look forward to seeing your responses to today's Motion to Strike and this Motion to Compel.

Rule 9A awaits.


KingCast Red Herring Motion to Strike immaterial after acquired evidence.

Nice Try guys.

See you at Mediation.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

KingCast finishes Citibank Position Statement Rebuttal: Who's swearing now?

Actually I love this part below the window from my Rebuttal:
MCAD 09BPA02502 KingCast Rebuttal to Citibank Position Statement

IV. I have a blog, I say and email negative things about Citibank, I posted fliers and “sped away” while wearing a hat in disguise.

I will address these points in no particular order:

First of all, I always wear a hat. It’s called a Fedora and it is not a disguise, in fact it’s almost like a trademark that helps people identify who I am more than it camouflages. The only time outside of my house where I’m not wearing a hat is when I’m wearing a motorcycle helmet or playing tennis, even then I often wear a cap, whatever. Plus, in the police call on 24 March Citibank noted that I was wearing a hat so that probably wouldn’t be too effective of a disguise now, would it?

Next, I have a blog and I also have a radio segment at 5:30 p.m. every Wednesday at TOUCH 106.1 FM --; I write their blog too, at I have been, and will continue to be mentioning this case on air and anywhere else I deem appropriate. That would be called lawful exercise of the First Amendment, hence the name of my personal blog, “Chris King’s 1st Amendment Page.” If Defendant has a problem with any of my First Amendment activities there are tribunals for them to approach if they deem I have committed any Defamatory acts. If so I would encourage them to file the appropriate civil or criminal complaints so that I can defend them.

I will not post any more blog fliers on the door, but I most certainly did not “speed away” because had I wanted to be incognito I would have ridden the motorcycle with a helmet, parked around the corner and jetted. No, I was in plain view, looked these people right in the eye and just went out to turn my car around as I was late to an appointment. On leaving the agents for Respondent called me a “motherf*cker” and said “f*ck you" and raised their middle fingers at me – all of which should be preserved where? On the video of the day, date and time in question, of course. Whereby I respectfully ask that this Tribunal compel production of same and issue Default Judgment if these materials are not produced.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

KingCast note to Citibank: The teller was not the decision maker, proof of that is in the video you liars.

I just caught another lie in the Citibank Position Statement. They claim that because the teller was black there could be no discrimination because the teller was the decision maker.

That's horse puckey because the teller was NOT the decision maker. The video (that these scumbags have failed to produce despite threatening my lawyer with it) would show that Carlo Caramanna was the decision maker who flat out told me he would not open an account for me. Carlo Caramanna, last time I checked, is not black.