Friday, August 5, 2011

Sam Shaulson's scumbag Mexican drug money-laundering client Citibank gets a California subpoena.

Sam Shaulson is a New York Morgan Lewis lawyer who represents Citibank, a scumbag operation that launders Mexican drug money, tricks college students and steals from innocent customers using sweeps accounts. Ohio AG Marc Dann v. Citibank (I worked in Ohio AG office, they do some good things from time to time) read it all right here, along with California AG Edmund Brown's press release on the sweeps theft. But not only that, now Bloomberg Business Week is reporting that the California authorities are tossing subpoenas there way over the illegal practices involved in mortgage securitization. All of this is par for the course because they even stole from a woman with uterine cancer.

Here's the question: Why haven't these pigs done any jail or prison time?

Monday, August 1, 2011

Jackass Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg in big trouble with NJ Bar Ethics Complaint: One Gateway security Chief calls KingCast/Mortgage Movies about them.

Make sure to read the Legal Services of New Jersey Report and Recommendations on False Statements. Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg is involved in this mess along with my friends at Citibank... represented by Sam Shaulson, Morgan Lewis et al. I will have more tonight.

Here is your background journal entry on these scheming foreclosure mill attorneys who were so afraid of KingCast/Mortgage Movies cameras that they gave us a bathroom key then called the cops and then ran off and hid from all of us last Friday like a bunch of punks. Witness the LE in the picture "We don't know what the fucking problem is because nobody's coming to the door." As I was just waking up I told Jim I would call him right back, and I shall. Then I will tell you what I said. Okay here is what is going on:

"I was just going through my notes here, my guys said the office people there were pretty rude...."

"That's putting it mildly. I can send you the video."

"Please do. In fact if you could send me a copy of that I would appreciate it, they are telling me they want to know why these people are upstairs, they had no idea.... blah blah blah...."

Well that's bullshit. I

successfully transmitted my Notice of Media Appearance to both of their orifices... err.... offices last week and now I am forwarding to the Security Director because I don't need him getting any shit from these stinking a-holes. Oh yah I'll break it down just like that because these guys can go straight to hell, they are fucking with an industry professional with a background as an LE Attorney, who also happened to work for a large daily and weekly newspaper before all of that. I'll mark this off as kill #1. Who's next, step right up for your can of celluloid whup-ass.

I am also uploading the movie again because I misspelled the firm's name the first time and I need SEO to do the Right Thing. I'm not playing with these people, if they want to smear consumers' names in the mud well they're going to get a taste of their own medicine... bring your Statutorily-required Show Cause materials to Court or be prepared for a smack down. Read this morning's email to the One Gateway Chief of Security below the fold, I ripped them a new one and an Ethics Complaint is coming to the NJ Bar.Lying, scheming attorneys at Phelan, Hallinan & Schmieg knew all about KingCast/Mortgage Movies.






Christopher King to jcatullo

show details 9:41 AM (1 minute ago)

Dear Mr. Catullo:

Please see the four transmissions of the Notice of Media Appearance that were sent to both offices at Phelan on 27 July, 2011 -- two (2) full days before my appearance. I also found the hit the firm placed on my journal after that and am forwarding as screen capture attachment. I have a tracker and I know they are lying scumbags like many of the lawyers I dealt with over the past twenty years. The difference is now we have broadband and much more technology to keep them in check and turn the game around.

As a matter of fact I am going to file an Ethics Complaint with the NJ Bar Association based on this conduct and forward it to attorney John Narkin who is suing them in a huge class action case.

Do NOT take any shit from these people because I know I won't. I hope you toss them out of One Gateway on their proverbial ear like they enjoy doing to homeowners who have been the victims of their scumbag practices and enforcement of exorbitant mortgage fees.

Post one:

Post two:

Post three with movie:


Friday, July 22, 2011

KingCast/Mortgage Movies ask why in the hell was Bill Faust shot dead in his own driveway?

Methinks he knew too much. WTF why is he being tasered in his own driveway from the get go, huh? You haters can't kill everyone. What will you kill President Obama when or if he complains about the real reason for the mortgage fraud that's got him all crossed-up?

Y'all do remember he sued the scumbags at Citibank, right? They are not simply racist, they hate pretty much everyone and they were the worst TARP abusers in the Land. More on this is a movie headed toward the Indie festivals hahahaa.... And they money launder Mexican Drug money so they can pretty much go to hell, right. Sam Shaulson, I've been waiting a while for this. How do you go home and be a father to your children when your professional activities are so innately corrupt? With any luck your son will verge from that path.

My parents were both hard-working knaves for the paramilitary complex. I evolved from that, went to prep school, law school etc. so I could be a free thinker and report on things in and about the Live Free or Die State.... or anywhere else I damn well please for that matter, there is hope. Guns of Brixton my friends.... When they kick out your front door... how you gonna come... with your hands on your head... or on the trigger of your gun....

You can crush us

You can bruise us
But you'll have to answer to
Oh, Guns of Brixton

The money feels good
And your life you like it well
But surely your time will come
As in heaven, as in hell......

Police and Thieves.... in the streets... scaring the Nation... with their... guns and ammunition.....

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Middlesex Deputy Sheriff Sgt. Michael Dell'Isola and Quincy Developer William O'Connell in Big Trouble on cocaine charges.

6:30p update: Robert O'Connell Attempted Murder/Assault trial scheduled for 15 May 2007 courthouse steps video coming by 9p at the latest.

Note to the Herald: Quit removing my comments they are fully protected by the First Amendment, and what do you know about protecting yourself from Defamation anyway, not much. Time to break out the trusty Triumph (well, trusty since I replaced the damn crankshaft, LOL) and head on down to courthouse :)

Okay I was just getting ready to head down to the Courthouse to check up on the status of the Robert O'Connell, Joseph Fasano, Jennifer Bynarowicz Quincy Cocaine road rage shooting in which Fasano -- with a known domestic violence past -- was reported to have cocaine on his face. There was cocaine in the Bynarowicz Jeep and she copped to it as seen by the KingCast court file investigation.

"Who did you get the cocaine from?"

"You [won't] believe me," says O'Connell.

Interesting. You might want to check and see who carried the insurance on her Jeep, I dunno it might be relevant, it might not. Just sayin'.

But now we apparently have much more than that going on folks, as the screen capture shows... William S. O’Connell, who is O'Connell's uncle or father and former State Senator, was popped for 19 golden grams and Stat Rape with a kitlin' 14-16 years of age..... Whoa. See folks have been telling me that years ago one of the elder O'Connells' friends turned up dead off a yacht during a little cocaine party and I have told these people that I will always report what is reasonably true. At this point I cannot -- nor can anyone -- actually substantiate the yacht party cocaine but I now feel comfortable enough to mention the rumour on my page.

Note that the Patriot Ledger's excellent coverage mentions the incident and the dismissed drunken operation charges as well as his son's second-degree murder in the stabbing death of 22-year-old Julie Hamilton, who knew Matthew through her boyfriend. Matthew O’Connell is being held at Bridgewater State Hospital, a medium-security facility for inmates deemed in need of psychiatric care.

Unlike Howie Carr I'm not stupid enough to get successfully sued for Defamation, hahahaa.... I'll update this journal entry soon but here are some vintage entries for your viewing mispleasure:

20 May 2010: Disorder in the Court 3 (featuring Charlie Murphy and Dave Chappelle).

22 April 2010: Disorder in the Court 2 (Dogged Determination mix)

22 December 2009: Snowy forecast for Boston (featuring Al Pacino, Boston City Hall's own John Forbes).

Related: Middlesex Sheriff arrested on cocaine charges.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo Mortgage Movies Roundup: Deutsche Bank busted in NH and by Lynne Szymoniak, Keller-Rohrback nailing JP Morgan, Citi, others.

NH Supreme Court slams Deutschebank for insufficient documentation yet lower Court Judge allows Wells Fargo to, ahem.... forge on ahead in the Jeanne Ingress case in the presence of a bogus 60 Minutes/Linda Green/Lynne Szymoniak assignment and only the oral representations of counsel as to valid Holder in Due Course status. See video at bottom, along with another video in which the same issues are manifest in the Leslie Crepeau case in which U.S. Trustee Lawrence Sumski decried my YouTube videos; just means we're doing something right. I will be filing an amicus ethics complaint next week on the Ingress case.

Keller-Rohrback reports that the New York DA filed suit this week against Deutsche Bank and announces their investigation of JPMorgan Chase Bank (NYSE:JPM), Washington Mutual (NYSE:WAMUQ), Bear Stearns Residential Mortgage (NYSE:BSC), Bank of America (NYSE:BAC), Countrywide, Citigroup (NYSE:C), and HSBC (NYSE:HBC), among others.....

Lynne Szymoniak sent me her latest a couple of weeks ago on Deutschebank, securitization and foreclosure fraud, quite the read:

(7) Analysis

The Analysis Section, pages 374 – 375, states the following clear

condemnation of Deutsche Bank’s practices:

Deutsche Bank was the fourth largest issuer of CDOs in the

United States. It continued to issue CDOs after mortgages

began losing money at record rates, investor interest waned,

and its most senior CDO trader concluded that the mortgage

market in general and the specific RMBS securities being

included in the bank’s own CDOs were going to lose value.

And lastly, when it comes to ponzi schemes remember that NH AG cum U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte was found negligent in the largest consumer fraud scandal in New Hampshire history the FRM debacle. None of which is surprising because she ignored me when I went to her office when someone forged my name to a mortgage and faxed it off for funding (to WAMU IIRC). Documents seen at the above link. The last time I checked that's called wire fraud. Now she is a U.S. Senator. Reminds me of the Elvis Costello song because I want to know who is "Watching the detectives."

Sunday, February 6, 2011

NJ Court slams Wells Fargo in Wells Fargo v. Sandra Ford; Ohio was first in Wells Fargo v. Jordan, will NH be next with Jeanne Ingress case?

Here is Wells Fargo v. Sandra Ford, enjoy today's feature presentation.

On appeal, defendant argues that (1) Wells Fargo failed to establish that it is the holder of the negotiable note she gave to Argent and therefore lacks standing to pursue this foreclosure action; (2) even if Wells Fargo is the holder of the note, it failed to establish that it is a holder in due course and therefore, the trial court erred in concluding that Wells Fargo is not subject to the defenses asserted by defendant based on Argent’s alleged predatory and fraudulent acts in connection with execution of the mortgage and note; and (3) even if Wells Fargo is a holder in due course, it still would be subject to certain defenses and statutory claimdefendant asserted in her answer and counterclaim.

Friday, January 28, 2011

KingCast raps with an EEOC victim, their own Attorney Examiner -- MS and Systemic Lupus survivor Mary Elizabeth Bullock.

Yah, she wrote me today. No, I ain't saying what we're talking about, at least not yet.

"You think you're gonna' win this case?

"Well you're gonna win it but you're never gonna win it because we're gonna appeal it until you're dead."

.....They weren't even following their own mission statement...."

Now you see before I was a lawyer with the AG's office, I was a law clerk with the stateside EECO/Civil Rights Commission. And I saw how the agency would screw so many Complaining Parties who has solid cases it was disgusting. I love this video production and quality, watch for the next KingCast equipment upgrade this year, mostly in the sound production quality.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

KingCast open letter to Columbia University on Professor, International felon and eMusic CEO Adam Klein sparks J-School ethics battle.

Dear Provost Steele:

Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. This is potentially a case of first impression because I can’t find any other case where an adjunct, associate or full professor withheld resume information about being a Convicted white-collar Felon.

Not only is Columbia University’s Adam Klein a convicted felon, but if the mother of his first child had been given the opportunity to argue her case, he may well have been returned to South Africa for imprisonment because he arguably committed Perjury during a series of lawsuits in Massachusetts. One such lawsuit was filed by Frank Kinzie of Quantum Associates, and it pertained to $90K of the attempted $320K heist that Klein attempted. If you would like me to pull the file I can do that for you and send you the pertinent documents excepting the confidential Settlement Agreement.

At the time he potentially committed Perjury in a Deposition with Mr. Kinzie, Adam Klein was subject to a Good Behavior Order as seen below, kind of like another one of my investigative subjects Gregory Floyd was under before he violated it…. And went to prison, where he sits today subject to a lawsuit NH Dist 2010-CV-181 that came about largely because of my efforts.

But I digress.

I raise these issues in the context of the quest for Journalistic Integrity that binds all of us together as professional journalists.

By now even the casual observer of this journal knows that I edited the Cincinnati Edition of

Ohio’s Call & Post, the only statewide black-owned newspaper before I reported with the Indianapolis Star. You should be familiar with these publications, as we both hail from the Buckeye State.

After law school I came to watch my first cousin blossom into the most recognizable black (or any other) sports journalist in the World. This is why I notified his alma mater of this issue. And his cousin was in turn one of the most recognizable black (or any other) anchors in the World. In point of fact she moderated a U.S. Presidential debate.

While they pursued more traditional paths in journalism, one thing that all of us have in common is that nobody could make a legitimate argument that any of us knowingly misrepresented anything on a job resume or in a story or journal entry.


Sadly, unless Columbia’s policy allows for Felonious faculty members, it does not appear that the same cannot be said for Columbia adjunct faculty member and eMusic CEO Adam Klein.[1] If he lied on his resume or application the simple fact is that he could be fired and the termination upheld even if he was fired for a different untenable reason and after-acquired evidence uncovered the falsification. Jordan v. Johnson Controls, 881 S.W.2d 363 (1994), Redden v. Wal-Mart Stores, 832 F. Supp. 1262 (1993)(black employee had theft by conversion conviction, ahem). In Colorado v. Saga Communs., 11 F. Supp. 2d 1292 (1998) (omitted and concealed a place of employment 10 years prior) provide the relevant analysis for us:

However, the Colorado Supreme Court, relying extensively on Gassman I, has addressed whether resume fraud acts as a complete bar to breach of employment contract claims:

[We] hold that after-acquired evidence of resume fraud may provide an employer with a complete defense to such claims.

To assert the defense of after-acquired evidence of resume fraud, an employer must prove that the employee's fraud was material and that a reasonable, objective employer would not have hired the employee if it had discovered the misrepresentation at the outset. The following factors are relevant to that determination.

First, would a reasonable employer have regarded the misstated or omitted fact as important? The nature of the misrepresentation and the extent to which it relates to qualifications for the job may bear on this issue.

Information about the employer's past conduct or policies may also bear upon this issue by focusing on what the employer regarded as important in a non-adversarial context. The second factor is whether the employee concealed or misrepresented the fact or facts with the intent of creating a false impression in the mind of the employer, citing Crawford Rehabilitation Services, Inc. v. Weissman, 938 P.2d 540, 549-50 (Colo. 1997) (en banc) (citations omitted).


As noted in one of the prior journal entries, I have had very close association with associate professor staff at Columbia and personal friends who have graduated from Columbia over the years, this will happen when you go to prep school. And again, each and every one of them is a stand-up individual as are their friends whom I have met in NYC and throughout the Country. As to the Professor, had there had been a pregnancy and child born I would have stood by whatever agreement we made, unlike Adam Klein.

Regardless of Adam Klein’s familial issues, it is clear that Senior Staff owes the International Academic World an explanation on this for several reasons:

First, every job application asks the Golden Question, “Have you ever been convicted of a Felony?” Without making too complex a syllogism here, let’s just say that whomever did the vetting didn’t care or Adam Klein lied. Either way an explanation is in order.

Second, this is a newsworthy event because it almost never happens. We’re used to seeing community college cocaine-smuggling falsifiers like David Silbergeld get the hook, or Harvard’s monkey-man Robert Fogel catch a reprimand from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services after his misdeeds. It takes a while to prove data falsification. The same goes for Harvard’s Marc Hauser or MIT’s Luk Van Parijs, who was fired for data-doody as well.

Living a material lie and using that lie to gain access to the University before you commit further misdeeds cannot be tolerated either, and some learned Judges believe the gross falsification is an absolute bar to employment in the legal context.

Office of Disciplinary Counsel v. Ragbirsingh, 535 Pa. 587 (1994).

The Disciplinary Board favored a three-year suspension. This Court is prepared to accept the latter sanction. I dissent on the grounds that the only suitable course of action is to issue a rule to show cause why he should not be disbarred.

The central focus of our attention should be on the issue of itself. This is not a case where an attorney was admitted properly and subsequently engaged in unprofessional [***4] conduct. Rather, the conduct runs to the question of whether he was eligible for admission in the first place. As I have indicated in my accompanying dissent in Office of [**266] Disciplinary Counsel v. Deborah Griffin, 637 A.2D 266, the Commonwealth has a reasonable right to reconsider that admission itself……..Failure to disclose falsification should be treated as fraud on the Court: it destroys all subsequent proceedings.

As such, this is not Weinstock v. Columbia Univ., 224 F.3d 33 (2000) where we are sharing opinions on whether or not someone with a proven Academic track record (and no criminal record) gets tenure. No Sir, No Ma’am. Here we are merely talking about holding the bar of admission somewhere north of the cesspool.


I’m quite certain that a lot of people in the Office of the Provost are mulling this one over as you should. As you must. As you do that we cannot forget that the University Press has an obligation to monitor, to police and to report (5 points for parallel structure) lest it fall short of the duties and responsibilities incumbent on the Fourth Estate.

I have more information than I’ve let on, but for now I will sit back and watch, perhaps wait for a phone call and just see whether one of the Institutions that earned my trust and respect – and there are not many of them in that category – deserves to keep it.

[1] I am all in favor of CORI reform here in Massachusetts for the rank-and-file employee who makes a single youthful misjudgment, but white-collar crime involving a corporate executive and professor with discretionary authority is a horse of another color. Incidentally, Massachusetts is where Adam Klein’s daughter sits, waiting for her father to show her or her mother any measure of respect. This is odd given that Klein pursued her in the first instance by leaving a note on her car approximately 8 months before his daughter was conceived. He had been watching her take laps in the pool. The sexist Massachusetts Court of Appeals in issuing a not-for-record Opinion on the contractual agreement that Klein stopped paying 6 years in wrote that they had “a rather brief relationship,” implication being obvious. I won’t tolerate it, it takes two to tango, and this tango lasted for the better part of a year, folks. Just the facts.