Wednesday, November 11, 2009

KingCast finishes Citibank Position Statement Rebuttal: Who's swearing now?

Actually I love this part below the window from my Rebuttal:
MCAD 09BPA02502 KingCast Rebuttal to Citibank Position Statement

IV. I have a blog, I say and email negative things about Citibank, I posted fliers and “sped away” while wearing a hat in disguise.

I will address these points in no particular order:

First of all, I always wear a hat. It’s called a Fedora and it is not a disguise, in fact it’s almost like a trademark that helps people identify who I am more than it camouflages. The only time outside of my house where I’m not wearing a hat is when I’m wearing a motorcycle helmet or playing tennis, even then I often wear a cap, whatever. Plus, in the police call on 24 March Citibank noted that I was wearing a hat so that probably wouldn’t be too effective of a disguise now, would it?

Next, I have a blog and I also have a radio segment at 5:30 p.m. every Wednesday at TOUCH 106.1 FM --; I write their blog too, at I have been, and will continue to be mentioning this case on air and anywhere else I deem appropriate. That would be called lawful exercise of the First Amendment, hence the name of my personal blog, “Chris King’s 1st Amendment Page.” If Defendant has a problem with any of my First Amendment activities there are tribunals for them to approach if they deem I have committed any Defamatory acts. If so I would encourage them to file the appropriate civil or criminal complaints so that I can defend them.

I will not post any more blog fliers on the door, but I most certainly did not “speed away” because had I wanted to be incognito I would have ridden the motorcycle with a helmet, parked around the corner and jetted. No, I was in plain view, looked these people right in the eye and just went out to turn my car around as I was late to an appointment. On leaving the agents for Respondent called me a “motherf*cker” and said “f*ck you" and raised their middle fingers at me – all of which should be preserved where? On the video of the day, date and time in question, of course. Whereby I respectfully ask that this Tribunal compel production of same and issue Default Judgment if these materials are not produced.

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