Monday, August 3, 2009

Request for 911 audio, Frederick Douglass style.

3 August 2009

Dear Keeper of Records of the Office of Legal Advisor

Please forward me a copy of the 911 call made on or about 24 March, 2009 (in the afternoon hours) from the Citibank branch located at 1365 Washington Street, Boston MA 02118. The bank video that they brag about (but refuse to release without litigation of course) will show that this call and a threat to arrest me (and others) was issued immediately after I provided them a copy of a document that addressed wrongful dishonor of a check and relevant case law, i.e. Your Style v. Mid Town Bank of Chicago, 501 N.E.2d 805 (1986).

See, a week earlier the bank had promised to cash a check drawn against it for a friend of mine, who was a Holder in Due Course. All he had to do was get a current state ID card to go along with his Social Security card and he was supposed to have his check cashed. He held up his end of the bargain but the bank reneged on its end of the Deal, now they are using a dirty little attorney to try to cover up and hide.

But that’s okay, they can play this little game all they want to.

Meanwhile I’m busy on a project at work and on this matter gathering documentation to file suit, to initiate sidewalk protests and pamphleteering, and to show the appropriate attorney and other regulatory agencies that bank attorney Benjamin Velella should be sanctioned for his willful misrepresentations to my lawyer.

Thank you in advance for your prompt response. Scumbags like Attorney Velella and his client need to get a lesson in Honesty – one that I will be more than happy to administer via litigation, YouTube and other modern media.

As you can see by my YouTube interview of Boston Transportation Director Thomas Tinlin,

I am quite reasonable with people who are reasonable with me. If you are not reasonable with me, you are in for a hell ride. Just sit back and wait, because it’s coming for you pal.

Christopher King, J.D.

cc: John N. Moore, Esq.
Benjamin Velella, Esq.
Charles Ogletree, Esq.
Barack Obama, Esq.
Professor Henry Louis Gates

PS: What's next, is Attorney Velella going to try to get me arrested for breaking and entering the building rooftop next door to the bank, LOL.

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  1. 2:07p

    Verified the fax request on my letterhead was received and is being processed.

    I can't wait for this to go public.