Sunday, August 9, 2009

At Citibank "Suspicious people" include a Holder in Due Course, a lawyer and a local artist trying to cash a check drawn against Citibank itself!


Dear Keeper of Records of the Office of Legal Advisor:

Please don’t waste the time it takes to give me an estimate for the short written transcript of the 911 call I requested via fax transmittal on 3 August, 2009. My income bracket as a telecommunications manager is such that I scarcely worry about that. I know by law you can charge a reasonable fee and that’s it. So when it is ready, just email me or write me or call me with the AMOUNT DUE and I will retrieve it that very day and blog it.

Next issue: Your correspondence to me included a three (3) page legal memoranda to an unspecified person that reiterated your right to redact certain information before passing on legal documents pursuant to a Right-to-Know request. At no point in time does that correspondence direct you to withhold the actual recording, if redacted, from the actual subject(s) of the phone call (i.e. me), yet that is what you are doing to me despite the fact that I explicitly told you to redact any inappropriate audio if you believe there is any.

I asked you in my last letter of 6 August, 2009 to affirmatively tell me your Final Answer as to whether you are going to provide the audio and your return letter sidestepped the issue and I don’t understand why? Providing me the audio does nothing to threaten any pending investigation because there is no pending investigation, the matter is closed (except for the Civil Litigation).

This is a yes or no question and I demand a yes or no answer, are we clear?

Last issue: I read in the redacted copy of the “Incident History” (soon to be scanned and posted) that we were “suspicious person(s).” How and when did we become “suspicious persons?” We had a Holder in Due Course/local musician, a telecommunications manager with a law degree (and former Assistant Attorney General) and a local artist whose work was featured on the 2009 Mass Art Auction flier. We presented case law on the wrongful dishonor of a check and requested that the bank honor the check that was drawn against it, seeing as proper Identification had been provided pursuant to discussion with the branch manager at Chinatown.

The local artist is not Patty Hearst and we are not the SLA. We did not try to steal money, we only came for what is rightfully Derrick’s. The Jury will understand the distinction, I feel.


Christopher King, J.D.


John N. Moore, Esq.
Benjamin Velella, Esq.
Charles Ogletree, Esq.
Barack Obama, Esq.
Professor Henry Louis Gates


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