Thursday, August 20, 2009

Boston Bob and Derrick Gillenwater seek Professor Ogletree's support for a Boston "Beer Summit" with Citibank regional President.

Greetings Professor Ogletree and staff:

We are not asking for legal help per se. The police will eventually provide us with the sought written transcript and we will sue for the actual audio transcript after that. We don't need your help with that.

However, we are asking you to support a meeting, not unlike the Cambridge/White House beer summit, involving Professor Gates, Officer Crowley and President Obama, where the individual litigants can come together before we proceed to litigation. I have found often though my legal practice and through other outreach programs that such meetings can indeed prove fruitful.

Can we arrange a time to meet to get your support for this meeting? Please write or call me in the next calendar week, because Mr. Gillenwater is finishing up his studio work and we are gearing up for some serious warfare, and once we start to publicly address the bank's wrongful dishonor of a check to a Holder in Due Course -- and to threaten arrest -- it's going to get ugly.

Very ugly.

Mr. Gillenwater and I will take care of the tab and the Top of the Hub at a lunch date of the President's choice.

cc: Chuck Turner

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  1. Q: What do the folks who condemn Chuck Turner and the folks who try to hide the unlawful activities of Citibank have in common?

    A: They are both about to receive a rude awakening.

    -Boston Bob