Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Citibank employees follow KingCast-Citibank is racist blog and report their own observations of corporate racism and bigotry.

As far as unrealistic goals and corporate beat downs, Citibank employs the same modus operandi as Morgan Lewis, as noted in the "No Hire Factory" Scrooge post.

Read more about Citibank employment practices in the "Look What the Cat Dragged in" post, and here's yet more, going straight to MCAD tomorrow morning yah. And don't forget the racist jokes Citibank used to tell, they cleaned things up a bit but you know you can only dress up a tawdry lil' ho but so much, and the stink still permeates regardless of how much Chanel you splash on it.
I think that a real clearing house for complaints to Citibank is great idea.
I know a few employees who have been recently discriminated against and fired. When the start of the mortgage crisis began, Citi implemented a plan to get rid of the bankers.

They tripled their goals (in accordance to individual salary) making it unrealistic for anyone to meet them. Then made them sign an agreement that if they do not meet the goals after for or around three months in two quarters, they would be fired. It's a legit way of letting someone go but the discriminatory part about it is that they have been picking and choosing who to fire as a result.

The majority of bankers cannot not meet their goals three months in a row but only the ones they actually want to fire actually get the boot. It should be a set process that applies to everyone. They actually have every banker's numbers published on the intranet so if they were smart than they would have printed out all banker in the entire region's results so they have physical proof to point out to management at the time they are getting the pink slip. This would prove there is blatant discrimination... I'm sure after they meet their quota they will lower the goals back down. ...Of course it wasn't just the banker. They completely slashed branch operations in half eliminating employees of up to 30 years. It was a really sad time.

I don't have a problem with you using any of this or the previous information, I think it is great that it can be put out there for people to see what kind of scum Citigroup is made of.

"....[S]ure thing. I will let them know. I know of [several] women from my area that were all let go on [in the] same _______. One I talk to all the time. I'll see about getting in contact with the others.

KingCast: I give the haters just enough to draw them into my lair, with their tangled webs of deception.

Hillbilly version: "Give 'em enough rope....."

Indian version: Vikram Pandit says "To hell with these guys, I got used like a Chaiwallah!"



  1. They kinda shot Pandit in the head the same way that jerk murdered the Tedeschi clerk in JP, think about it.

    And no matter what he does, he'll never get the tawdry ho who preened so eloquently in #5.

    Mheh, ho showers, gotta' love 'em.

    -Your Humble Narrator.

  2. Time to see if we can put together a lil' Class Action lawsuit against these haters, he-heh.

    I'm sure there are plenty of licensed attorneys who would hop at the chance once we put our facts together and present them right here, right now Bubba.

    You made your choices Sam, so you can live with that, right?

    -The KingCaster