Monday, December 14, 2009

KingCast says Citibank's Vikram Pandit must be happy now to return to the days of reckless bonuses and other banking corporate greed and theft.

Actually, I warned you that the continued TARP bailout would include the cheap Citibank shares for public consumption a couple of days ago. Now it has come to pass although it certainly isn't being widely mentioned.

Caveat emptor.

That's what the SEC, GAO and at least two Attorneys General and Common Sense already told you in case you don't want to hear it from KingCast. I said it today on Air and I will say it every time it occurs to me:

Boycott Citibank for its history of money-laundering, client theft and deception and its scum-sucking thieving rat pig ways, in general.

PS: The banks in this Country help to ruin life for the little people and then the evidence too often disappears from the Internet. Remember my friend Milan Kohut and the nooses he allegedly "criminally peddled" (background) as he was protesting the banking industry's role in the mortgage crises? Now I have to dig into my old emails to find the pictures because none of them even appear in a Google search. I know his story -- he was a heavy in the Czech Velvet Revolution -- was featured in the Boston Phoenix, but try a Google search on that. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Interesting, n'est-ce pas? But I had a copy and I did also locate a picture of him in Court though, he-heh-heh.

The Internet my friends, is a dangerous and slippery place, remember that. And to the haters, the knife cuts both ways.


  1. Vikram the victor.... America the loser.

    -The Editor.

  2. Citibank is reading earnestly and downloading Milan's pictures.
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    15th December 2009 09:16:59 Download Kohout.jpg

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