Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hey Sam Shaulson, here's your hero Marty Dunn, he thinks gang rape is okay against a black man, read the transcript.

I got your number right here in today's earlier post "Here come the haters" in which some tools keep trying to make me into a violent black man and rapist. Well this particular tool and I engaged in the following colloquy:

Tool: Well, last time I checked rape is not a joking matter. keep back pedaling.
9:45 AM
KingCast: Well it is to your buddy Chief Dunn "Of Course!"
Read the transcript you stupid douchebag.

-The KingCaster

See, some of these hateful people think that LE can do and say whatever the hell they want to and get away with it, and the minute somebody like me or anybody stands up to it they catch holy Hell, especially being an uppity "nigger" and all, according to Bill Christy of the Bill Christy project and his buddy Ditmar Kopf and their go-to guy, the "Quiet Man." Well I catch it and give it right back with the FACTS and the TRANSCRIPTS OF HATE.


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1990's: Abner Louima.
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2008: Michael Mineo.

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  1. Don't look at me Sam, you opened the door to this when you brought Marty and NH LE into the fray.

    I'll be filing this with MCAD 'round about 8:45 a.m.

    -The KingCaster