Wednesday, July 28, 2010

KingCast and Public Enemy say "By the time I get to Arizona...."

Oh, sure they started with the Martin Luther King Holiday denials, now they are trying to make it seem as if all the Mexican and other undocumented workers are the cause of all of America's economic woes. KingCast newsflash: There is plenty of M1 and M2 in the World, it's the Corporate Thieves -- offspring of the first Immigrants who came and raped some of my American Indian ancestors using the labor power of other brown men like me -- who have it all, stashed away. It ain't about the immigrants and it never was.

And I told you squarely five - count 'em, five -- years ago about the crackers in NH who also opposed the Martin Luther King Holiday trying to criminalize undocumented workers when NH Immigration Attorney Mona Movafaghi and I discussed the issue when I was NAACP Legal Chair. Here's a NYTimes story because the Union Leader let its story expire, as they always do because they are a scumbag newspaper. Anyway, they lost, but now their sheet-totin' pointy hat wearin' brethren to the West are giving it a shot. It's all about the bullshit racism and oppression, that's what it's about.

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