Thursday, October 29, 2009

KingCast provides lunch and more proof that Citibank lawyers are lying scumbags: The back of the check.

Yesterday's TOUCH Beat 106.1 MP3 download. Over lunch a few minutes ago (sushi lollipop with cucumber, tobiko tuna, crabstick and spicy mayo, plum wine) I had a great epiphany:

Citibank claims in their Position Statement that they did not know the identity of "the unidentified woman" and my "girlfriend" (quotes used by Respondent) who opened an account whereas I was not allowed to, but guess what:

1. Someone called in from yesterday's TOUCH Beat 106.1 FM radio show to remind me that they needed the same information from her as they did Derrick Gillenwater in order to open an account (picture ID, etc.) so they would have that on file if they just checked the dates and times of our visits, which they have had four months to do.

2. Her full legal name is written legibly on the back of Respondent's own Exhibit C tab.

Wherefore I openly declare that Attorney Sam Shaulson and Attorney Benjamin Velella are corporate scumbags who are insulting the intelligence of MCAD officials.

I don't say things like this lightly, you can call Porter, Wright's John Stephen and ask him, we disagreed on a case of corporate racism against U.S. Military Veteran Gregory S. Boatwright "I didn't call in here to argue with some nigger....." but we both conducted ourselves respectfully and did not insult anyone's intelligence. I settled that case handsomely, by the way.

-The KingCaster

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