Friday, October 23, 2009

KingCast presents: A Day at the Westin with President Barack Obama supporting Governor Deval Patrick, and DP reading King v. Citibank MCAD Complaint.

Oh, yah it was a grand event, I love the profile pic I took of our Commander-in-Chief. Not bad without a tripod. YouTube coming later with entertainment and short speeches from the dais. Right now it's time to meet with another lawyer I work for and ride the 650R 'cos the rain it cometh tomorrow!

Yes I personally handed Governor Patrick this MCAD Complaint, MCAD 09BPA02502. By 27 October Citibank will have to provide the videos they claim to have that show why they refused to open a bank account for me to cash a check for Mr. Gillenwater, while they DID open a bank account for my Caucasian girlfriend to do the same. Time's ticking guys, I look forward to discussing the case on Wednesday at 5:30 during my usual "KingCast Cases" slot at TOUCH 106.1 FM, the fabric of Boston's Black Community.

PS: Remember, President Obama sued Citibank for racism.

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