Monday, October 5, 2009

Dear Attorney Velella: You got your wish, now let's see Citibank's position statement in MCAD 09BPA02502.

You have now probably been served with a copy of the Complaint.

You now have 21 days in which to respond on behalf of your client, Citibank.

You have a total of 25 extension days as well, but you shouldn't need those because you have the video tapes to show how inappropriately I was acting, as you boasted to my lawyer.

I've spoken with the folks at MCAD, and they too, look forward to receipt of any and all videos in which I appear. It will do you no good to produce a snippet or segment of one visit because they will ask for all of them. Get your red slippers out, click your heels and I'll see you in Court.


-Christopher King, J.D.

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