Friday, May 28, 2010

KingCast asks, "Did Dan Conley and the Jury wrongfully convict Robert Iacoviello for the murder of Revere Officer Dan Talbot?"

Sooooo.....As to Michael Racca's proferred testimony that Derek Lodie may have shot Dan Talbot, it speaks for itself. But let me help you out anyway: Racca said that Derek Lodie implied that he shot Officer Daniel Talbot during the telephone conversations that evening shortly after the tragedy when Lodie telephoned him.

Racca stated in the top video that Lodie told him: "[Lodie] had first related to me that the kids had a gun, we thought they were kids but we all know now that they were officers. They had flashed a gun to him at first, and that's when he said he showed them what it really meant to have a gun."

As to Billy Soto's testimony, Think people THINK:

You could stand there and fire all day long and never have that happen, plus the bottle would have been burned, who do they think they are fooling?
As the media group with the most coverage on the Dan Talbot murder trial (video and legal analysis) I have shown the entire Free World how shaky that case was, no examples being clearer than the phantom Gatorade bullet that allegedly landed in the crevice of that bottle

The testimony of Officer Soto clearly put the gun in Derek Lodie's hands, but somehow that was lost on the Jury, probably because he was such a liar about everything else. One Juror wrote me and specifically told me that. Was that part of the Prosecution's plan I wonder. Be that as it may, look at the similarities between the Robert Iacoviello/Dan Talbot case and the new case in which Lodi is charged with attempted murder that went down three (3) days earlier!!!! Read the comments and here is my buddy Seth Daniel's coverage. They ran some of my trial pics. Anyway, note that Michael Picardi -- who was the mastermind in disassembling the alleged murder weapon in the Talbot case -- turned out to be a complete liar who framed an innocent man, William “Billy” Bagner.

There's Dan and me having a chit-chat after the Dan Talbot murder trial because he didn't like the fact that the Court gave me press credentials before NENPA did. He no wanna talkie-to-me, he wanna' walkie away 'cos the last time I met him I asked why Michael Picardi wasn't charged and he told me "Prosecutorial Discretion." I call it too many Deals with the Devil. Watch the video.

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