Sunday, May 17, 2009

Derrick Gillenwater to sue Carlo Caramanna and Citibank for racist refusal to honor his check; threaten him with arrest.

I got a report back that Citi Bank refused to cash Derrick Gillenwater's settlement check for his legal malpractice case against a prominent Boston Attorney. As I understand it, he had tried and they told him his ID was expired and they would cash it when he got a replacement. He got a replacement but now two different branches gave him the runaround and THREATENED TO ARREST HIM!!!

This strikes me as a wrongful dishonor situation so I'll publish the names of those involved for public awareness.
UPDATE: Washington Street Branch manager is Carlo Caramanna and the District Manager is Tim Sullivan.
UPDATE: It is a wrongful dishonor per Your Style v. Mid Town Bank of Chicago, 150 Ill. App. 3d 421, 427-28, 501 N.E.2d 805 (1986) as noted in this Indiana government website and in this Bankers Online article, "Cashing Checks for non-customers."

Meanwhile a quick search on racial discrimination yields this interesting lawsuit against Citibank by none other than Barack H. Obama, alleging that the bank was disparately treating minorities in lending.

Apparently they never learn, so they'll have to be taught again and were gonna' teach it to them REAL GOOD.

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  1. I'm putting in an order for the 911 call from Mr. Caramanna now.

    Can't wait to hear it; see what reasons this bastard gave for threatening to arrest Mr. Gillenwater and his friends.