Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Editor & Publisher to follow Marinova v. Herald et al Defamation and KingCast v. Kelly Ayotte & GOP Free Press cases.

Editor & Publisher is a fantastic resource. And with just a few quick keystrokes, they are now fully aware of the heinous nature of both of these cases.

I. Marinova v. Boston Herald et al., Suffolk Superior 2010-01316.

Defamation per se.

II. KingCast v. U.S. Senate Hopeful Kelly Ayotte, GOP (to be filed next week).

A. Mexican Standoff: The last of three (3) willful infractions and threats of arrest.

B. First Amendment Freedom of the Press explained to Kelly Ayotte, GOP.

C. Commentary from the prevailing party in a related 2009 NH High Court case.

D. The perspective video documenting prior successful First Amendment battles.

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