Monday, April 19, 2010

KingCast presents Images of Strength in New York.... or Sam Shaulson you wanna meet for lunch today?

Well...... Chrysler's not doing so hot, but WTC, Trent Berry, Dagha and Yours Truly are rockin' out, three black men of poise, conviction and strength. Fine chocolates? Hell, we got your high-yella, your mocha and your dark all covered. Born ready, raised proud.
Related: Read 9/11 and the negative space to see why every firefighter is a hero.

Also related: Soulcoughing Chicago, Not Chicago. 1946 I believe it happened. A man.... drives a plane..... into the Chrysler Building....

PS: I dunno Sam, I was gonna' meet my sister for lunch in midtown but if you would rather chill out and reminisce about old times that's cool give a holler.

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