Sunday, September 13, 2009

KingCast shares Ethnic Online Volume 1.

Ethnic Online: New England's Magazine for Ethnic Professionals. Here is my profile and here is the Editor's Note from Kaye Long.
Additionally we want to demonstrate to our youth that to be positively profiled in the media, you don’t have to be an athlete, rapper or entertainer….but there are other positive and rewarding skills that can be developed. Ethnic On-line will also become the “Ethnic Media” platform of choice for our many “corporate partners” for recruiting and retaining the best of the best of New England’s talented professionals along with the many products and services they have to offer.

I told you about this last week during my ride to visit my sister and family in Connecticut. As I said in the profile:
“Surround yourself with brilliant and dedicated people and believe in your dreams… because there are no guarantees in life but if you manage to keep on doing what you love, you have succeeded.”

PS: Of course to Citibank I am a threatening black man. That's okay. There will be MCAD, Federal Court and community discussions about all of that soon enough.

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  1. Mr. King, allow me as a middle-aged white male banker (Is that relevant? I did want to get that in the open because I am of course a racist for voicing a disagreement with what happened at Citi).

    A person (black, white green or red) comes into my bank to cash a $24,000 check that is not made payable to him directly, he has no account at my bank, am I going to cash the check? Hell no. It doesn't matter the check was endorsed over. Without a signature guarantee, that means nothing. Plus if that same person (black, green or red) is being disorderly I'm probably going to refuse to open the account for that reason. An account at a bank is a privilege, not a right and on more than one occasion I have closed a person's account for being abusive to one of my employees. Additionally, if he was to call my teller a "motherfucker" in my bank regardless of the timing, I personally would be in his face. There is no excuse for that. But of course it was a racial thing