Thursday, October 8, 2009

KingCast KingCast hosts TouchFM radio segment discussing racism at Citibank and "Bad Blood" Franconia double homicide.

The 25 minute show segment is below, but for now here is veteran Franconia LE (and U.S. Intelligence officer -- for real -- not like what Gregory Floyd claimed he was) Brad Whipple's 4-minute phone call to the station this morning. As noted, Casey Sherman will be rescheduled because his publisher had booked him on a RI Fox TV show this morning.

Here is part one and part two (Citibank) and part three (Franconia). I will put them on YouTube for quicker access after I learn the conversion process. It was too short to really delve in to Franconia so that will come in a subsequent interview, and there will be updates on the Citibank case when the bank issues its Position Statement and ALL of the relevant audio-visual materials. I sincerely doubt that MCAD is going to accept anything less than that, especially since their cock-sure lawyer boasted about having such purportedly damning videos in his possession.

More YouTube video of Casey Sherman, Brad Whipple and Yours Truly.

Crucial: See why we are conducting an independent analysis of the audio files in this post: You cannot hear any of the Gregory Floyd shot sequence even though the back seat mic was on the whole time. And there are moments of silence and several odd "clicks" in the audio sample, to boot. That sequence, if found, could tell us if Floyd, Floyd Jr. and Caleb Macaulay were telling the Truth when they all said Floyd shot Liko without saying one word, through the raised passenger seat window of Caleb Macaulay.

Somehow (thankfully former) NH AG Kelly Ayotte's official version has Floyd talking to Liko and all of that -- which is what Floyd LATER said in his interview -- and which is contradicted by the only other two witnesses. Ayotte of course is unavailable for comment, but it will hit her like a Mack Truck in her specious Senate bid.

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  1. Says Whipple:

    "Chris King came out of nowhere, and he's been a shining example of a guy seeking Justice, and has brought many of us together to better understand what happened on the facts leading up to the case and what's happened since then, and I'm impressed as hell. Chris has become a great friend, and I'm on his team as they say."